Reminiscing The Past...

Wake me when its over and the last sound of goodbye..

Monday, March 29, 2010

1000 Words

Its been a few months since I last updated this blog, a lot of things happened in between, dramas, love story, tragedy, sad story and all those shits.

I had my exam back in November, it was quite okay and thank god I managed to get through to the second semester otherwise ill be repeating another year. But alhamdullilah im through, and now im going to tell you quite a long update as requested by a friend . it was supposed to be an update but I think its more like a story to me.

December 2009 was the best month of my the year after a lot of ups and downs I experienced in 2009, 2009 was quite a an awesome one, had a roadtrip to Belait with the cousins to stay at my cousin’s house in kuala belait, it was quite fun. Almost everyday Aziz slept at my house playing FIFA 10, we had a mini tournament and I emerged victorious wahaha =D. I have to say im quite good! HAHA prasasn much!

14th December 2009 was quite a day, first time I saw pipah since she left for Australia 4 months ago, but now she’s back and it was quite a day, she’s just one awesome girl. Qilah, wanah and nurul was there too, and I still remember they bought the mini watch that day and we had fun at the arcade and taking pictures at rizqun hotel.

December was quite awesome! Yes I love it that’s why I keep mentioning it, movies, hang outs and all. Oh yes! Suka ku geng! Haha. OH! And I remember this one day, me aziz my bro and the gang crashed the empire hotel’s swimming pool, I was quite embarrassed that a lot of people are using the same towel, panya tuala yg bebayar yg kita mesti register. We were like the only ones who are using white towels.The life guard stared at us but I just pretend that everything’s okay.
January 2009 was quite an emotional and a redemption month for me,nurul,wanah,pipah and kilah. I don’t wanna get into that but I have to say January to March is the best time of the year for me, I never felt so happy before. It was quite a different story compared to December. Every Saturday we would hang out and have fun and go crazy!. But after pipah left things changed for me, I really really miss having her around. I try to cheer myself up and the gang took me to ICC for the apa tu namanya ah, lupaku ih. ( ada si face painting btw ) oh and we surprised pipah 3 days before she left, she predicted it though but its okay asal ikhlas surprise kan ah hahahaha. Elek sha!

After she left, It took me a few days to settle down and I did, i just move on with my life and have fun, main tekken di rumah wanah sampai tehabab! Kilah slalu pkai si Lee, and everytime I played tekken, lee would remind me of her HAHAHA. Good times people, good times.. I miss those days man! Like seriously I do.

March is a month full of ups and downs. More to downs though, got back from camp with a roasted chicken face, and suddenly baby called me from KL, manis baby atu haha and she told me that she made a keychain of Nazmi Love Someone, how sweet of her and when she gave me , it was too late, the keychain is pretty and I still have it here, but for now I put it in my memory box, AU AKU ADA MEMORY BOX! Haha. Wanah, baby, kilah tried very hard to cheer me up and I did, im back to my old self =DD

Banyak-banyak hari, hari apa yg krabau sama ayam hangout sama bapa ayam? Hari ani tah tu jawapannya, haha okay this is lame and its an inside joke, so yeah haha, well guess what I went to MD today and had a very weird and spontaneous lunch break but it was great seeing Kilah just now, she’s energetic and fun to hang out with, always gave you that happy smile as always. Haha apparently aku inda malay promise today, im always late in everything, oh yes believe me. I arrived at MD 15 minutes early, and I was planning on bawa si kilah makan buttermilk but since she said lets stay so stay tah ku tu. Went to the canteen, bought a 100 plus and saw a few hot chicks, damn! Then I was looking for that someone and hoping to run into her, but she wasn’t around so we went up and saw si face painting leaning on the table. Then I had a sudden craving for ferrero rocher and went to chris brown’s mini mart to find some but they ran out of ferrero so I had to choose M&M as an alternative for ferrero, bought 4, initially 2 was for me and 1 is for aziz and kilah, but since aziz nda mau he gave it to his daughter hahah! Then send them back to school and saw one of the you know who’s friend, I skipped lecture and went home cause im feeling exhausted. And I just knew that there’s a test! Damn! Now I need to find an excuse why I skipped that test. Haiyaaaa!

Now Im counting the days and months for pipah to get home, I miss her a lot. With cyn gone, its hard to express myself around my new friends, miss my friends a lot in UK and in aussie. I cant wait for them to come home.

This is my 137th post after 2 years, this blog is no longer that active like before, but for now it is a very long update..

That’s it from Me , oh and I have a question!
Banyak- Banyak ayam……… the rest of the question is for you to find out

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reminiscing the past...

Its been ages since i last updated my blog, its not that i don't have the time. Its just that im too lazy to blog and now everything has changed. i still remember last year's raya. compare to this raya, i love last year's where my friends are still here, a new phone, the exam fever, hanging out a muiz's place, mengacau cynthia ( IMY! ). i miss all of these. now im in ITB and they're far far away from me. ahhh i miss those late night hangouts with ayu,zaila and wanah. hahaha and Wii too of course. I miss 2008. not the best of year but it certainly is better than this year's. Im not used to this yet, and i hope 2010 is much better than this year. certainly is not a good year for me. I still cant find the right chemistry with my new friends, they all have different interests and ways of doing things.
Lately ive been hanging out with my close friends yg masih di sini. baby, Amoi and wanah of course. oh yeah allowance kluar sudah and i just bought myself an Xbox 360. OH F*CK! i miss them so muchhh! =( . come back soon people...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Im Assignment free baby!

Finally i have mybreak, im tired in doing all those assignments. yeah im freakin tired mate. I don't have the time to update this log regularly like i used to. well nda jua ku update slalu bah hahaha. I find one of the five modules of Civil Engineering tough. its kinda tough, memorizing all those cement pastes and aggregates and which one to use in which situations. damn kinda tough, really need to work on that.

On the other hand, i finally settle in ITB, it took me what? ermm 3 weeks? yes 3 weeks. Cause of the new friends and also the everyday environment. Ive been hanging out with ayu and zaila lately cause they're going in 9 days. Best of luck to both of you! . AND ONE MORE THING! Manchester United kick Arsenal's ass last night haha! a 2-1 Victory! Now Arsenal's Diaby is my best friend for scoring a wonderful own goal! HAHA lawa bui goalnya! thank you DIABY!

Diaby's reaction after that own goal
Owh yeah and also happy fasting to all muslims out there Ramadhan is here and will be here for another 3 weeks till then will update again soon Bye for Now! ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The start of the sleepless course

Hello there, its the 2nd week of the 1st semester, and things are starting to get hectic as the day pass by. its 12th august and now the assignments are starting to come, Civil Drawing and Construction Materials assignments are due the next two weeks, that makes it week 4. Uni life is okay so far, and right now im starting to prepare for the worst that is. My friends are leaving soon. sigh~

Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm back

Hello assalamualaikum, i'm back blogging. sorry it has been quite a hectic week so far or should i call it a hectic month? yes it has been with the ITB orientation in the past two weeks. now im back to school, hello new world, new life and welcome to the world of University. I rejected UBD last week cause i think i don't have an intrest in programming, just not my type of thing. I'm taking Civil Engineering in ITB, so therefore i hope BSP can see my progress during my 4 years time in ITB. insyaallah if everything goes well of course. I made new friends there, some of them are from PTE, MS and Maktab teknik.

Yesterday was my first ever Surveying practical session, i was chosen as the group leader of two girls. it was kinda awesome but its very tiring. One of us would hold the Staff meter ( bawah mata hari yo PANAS) and the two of us would try to get the reading. It was a disaster! okay what do you expect, im new to this practical thing haha. The ex MTSSR-ians had an experience in doing this before so they know what to do. well the first week of ITB was quite okay, i need time to settle in. A few more friends and lectures will do the trick. now the ice breaking is over and its time to strive for the best. The route to direct enrty to the first year of degree is there and only four seats available, im aiming for a distinction in all of my Modules. AMIN!

Oh yeah i'm having a new laptop soon, around a week. and its the DELL XPS. =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pipah's Farewell and The Great Escape...

Hello there bloggie, its been a while since i update this blog. Ive been quite busy and lazy to update this blog and somehow today i have the mood to update you and here i go, Last Saturday was a blast, it was Pipah's Farewell BBQ since she got the Scholarship to be a lecturer of Mechanical Engineering. She will be going to Australia soon around 3-4 days time. I picked up wanah and ayu before that to accompany me, it would be kinda awkward if i come by myself. Yes anyways! After that, we went home around 1230 and on the way to send ayu back,there is a roadblock O M G! HAHA, to be honest i was kinda panic but i keep my cool not to show how i truly feel to the ladies HAHA. why i panicked? simple! my tyres are running out of the " BUNGA " hahahah! shiiit! i was so lucky to escape it. I show my license and my IC then zooom! off i go. pheeew~ my first ever roadblock. haha.

Anyways Bisai2 di sana atu pipah. take care of yourself, will see you this November Insyaallah. Jangan lupa belanja sebelum Belayar atu.

Wanah,ayu and me

Wanah and the baby :P

Haha sorry girls! i spoiled the pic :P

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sisiapun saja

You all are wondering where im going? well im going to ITB at the moment but currently im appealing to enter UBD to do BSc Computer Science. I hope i can get in.. Congratulations to all my friends and cousins especially Ayu, Zaila, Cyn, Muiz Hasbi, Rahimi , Najmi. Good luck to all of you hope to see you next year peeps! im stuck here with Wanah and Baby =D. ahaha (Y)